Blues-L 's most interesting characters

Beverly Howell
Sun Oct 28 16:10:22 EDT 2007

Hi Pam!!  Yep, you were definitely one of the earliest chatters.   :-)

re:  days of BUNS   Don't remember who I 'patted', but I DO remember the Kim
Wilson "pinch pinch" dialogues and still have the pinch-pinch photos
somewhere (courtesy of Toez at the Coach House, San Juan Capistrano.  Toez,
remember the Wilson twins - Kim and Smokey?  LOL!) 



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I am pretty sure that I was there for the Chats early on.  I know that I
still have my Toez decoder.  The Austin City Limits tribute to Jimmy Reed
was on here last night, and all I could think about was the days of BUNS.
Seems to me that you patted some at one point Bev.

Beverly Howell wrote:

><Steve Edmonson asked:  Hey Beverly,  Old hippie dude, Steve Edmonson here.
>I didn't know that you were lurking on the L.  I was just trying to 
>figure out when I first joined the Blues-L, and it now occurs to me that I
>heard about it in your aol chat room.   I remember a few folks from the
>that are now on the Blues-L.  When was that?  Early nineties?  Chefo, 
>do you remember?
>Hi, Steve!   :-)
>The Blues Chats were from 1993-1998.  The very first one had six 
>people, I remember Sunmyshine, Doug, Dave, me, and I can't remember the 
>others....Toez maybe?  The first chat that featured a 'formal guest' 
>with pre-promotion was Doyle Bramhall (Sr.) in 1994.
>Best Regards,
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