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Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@COMCAST.NET
Fri Oct 26 16:07:12 EDT 2007

Greg Nagy wrote:
> SRV was very passionate.   I can play nearly every physical note of his,
> (not braggin, but most pros can), and still not sound like him.   Jimmy is
> the same way, and it is the same thing.  His feel is his own.  I am in awe
> of both talents, but somehow Jimmy seems to have a bit more depth creatively
> and otherwise.   Both give me goosebumps.  I am not fence straddling.   I
> really dig them both.  But as I get older lean more toward what I imagine to
> be Jimmy's general notions and leanings....  With that said, Jimmy had the
> advantage of age.  Wonder where SRV would have gone..
> My guess, he would have given us some pretty cool stuff.

I agree, it really would have been interesting to see where SRV would 
have taken the music since he seemed to have come to grips with his 
rock-star status in the end. No matter what anyone thinks of him 
musically, they really can't dispute his passion. Take away the veil of 
drugs and alcohol and I think the possibilities for him were wide open.

My only problem with SRV isn't really his doing, it is over-exposure and 
my disdain for hero worship of many of his fans and all the wanna-be's 
mimicking his style. Stevie wasn't responsible for those things. In 
fact, it is my problem that I can't filter out that crap and enjoy his 
music like I used to. Maybe in time ...

Keep on keepin' on ...

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