Message from the BLUES-L Founder (seriously!)

E. Willett
Fri Oct 26 16:03:36 EDT 2007

Adult-Onset Lisdexia?  (That my story and I'm stickin' to it!)
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  Heorge?????  have you been drinking again????  LOL

  I was just thinking and I've been here between 8-9 years...
  can't believe it's been that long.  MorTone drug me in here
  reluctantly and I haven't left.  I've sure met some cool people,
  made some great friends, and learned tons about the blues.
  I remember Ocky and Rick and Rich and we even survived that.
  Stick around Steve...and thanks for starting this great "thing"!

  ~Tired Puppy Patty~
  PS  Brat, you are not going to marry him...I forbid it. LOL

  At 08:20 PM 10/25/2007 -0400, E. Willett wrote:
  >Steve...look out for Brat...She's the "unofficial" denmother/daughter.  A 
  >lovely child, really, but she WILL have her way..
  >     Heorge
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