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Greg Nagy gjnagy@GMAIL.COM
Fri Oct 26 14:11:38 EDT 2007

"> I take the pursuit of what I do very seriously.   But I try not to take
> myself too seriously.

That  has been my credo for years.

Sometimes it's not easy.  Sometimes after a heated argument I
may re-read what I said and I'll say to myself "I said that?  I
must have been nuts"

And sometimes I'll just agree with myself and move on...

Fred D."

"And sometimes I'll just agree with myself and move on..."

LOL  love it! 

Right on.   Don't get me wrong I can argue with the best of them, but I try
not to make it personal or take it too personally.   I am passionate about
the music.  I believe it has kept me alive this it is that serious.
  I once frequented political lists in the 90's and believe me it got ugly.
 Now at 44 and with two young children I've mellowed and I've developed some
patience.  Most of all I've recognized humility and have developed respect
for others.  Am I applying for, oh no.  Just being honest. 
IF things get too stupid here I'll just leave.   So far it seems that the
"rep" this place had a year ago doesn't apply much today <knocks on wood>.

It's not that I am wishy washy or fear conflict:
 I've worked as a bouncer, military policeman, and have been trained in
anti-terrorism, later went on to college and after three years of grad
school dropped out of a PhD program studying primarily Race Relations and
Social Theory.   SO, yes, I can be a nerd too..

I lurked a bit in the past and saw posts about what songs someone ought not
play and thought, "oh geez here we go again..".   I mean talk about cliche'.
No bigger cliche' than somebody spotting cliche'   oh crap, I just did it. 

My credo:
Treat others with respect.  And if you are in a band and play Thrill Is Gone
doing it so it is barely recognizable, just to be on the safe side.  lol


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