Blues-L 's most interesting characters

Brat .
Fri Oct 26 03:52:38 EDT 2007

Characters, characters.... Good Gawd, we could have our own reality show!! 
Oh please don't vote me off ......  *pouty face*
Think about it really...... the Pacific NW Zellers alone could have their  
own show with Terry, Greg, Jef, Tom, Patty, and Cholo!... Throw in our Cali  
peeps like Candy Kane, Michele, Deb, and Blue Stew! Add a lil' Fred, Dick  
Waterman, Chefo. Unkle Geo, A bit of Barbara, Ricky, and Top it off with  some Brat!
And that's just episode one! Too many characters to mention..... 
Bill Wax can broadcast it all :)  We'll need a theme song...
Survivor Brat    
It's 3 am, I therefor cannot be held responsible for any  content of this 
>>In a message dated 10/26/2007 12:01:17 A.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Well,  now, it isn't just the malcontents who have been our most interesting  
characters.  We still have Waterman, after all, and I think he's one of  our 
more interesting characters.  

I agree with you about ocky and  the nature of the malcontents.  I didn't 
mind ocky as much as the other  two standout malcontents.   I found Rick's 
participation the most  painful and Rich's the most distasteful.   

I joined Blues-L  in mid-1994 or 1995.  I'd known about it before but didn't 
join until  Cary Wolfson suggested it at BB's in Memphis one of those years.  
It was  my first blues list/group and it's still the best IMO.

Thanks  Steve!


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