Message from the BLUES-L Founder (seriously!)

Donnie MorTone
Thu Oct 25 23:27:04 EDT 2007

>From: "~Patty Keyes~" <>
>Reply-To: "~Patty Keyes~" <>
>Subject: Re: Message from the BLUES-L Founder (seriously!)
>Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 17:35:28 -0700
>>I was just thinking and I've been here between 8-9 years...
>can't believe it's been that long.  MorTone drug me in here
>reluctantly and I haven't left.

Sure...blame me for your addiction
But I do remember having to duct tape you into your
computer chair and force you read the list against your will.
Is that a form of Blues Terrorism???

You make me feel like "The Pusher"...escpecially since you put
the word "drug" right next to the mention of my handle. ;o~

I still get the L in my inbox on a daily basis...I have to admit, it
would feel rather odd and empty to not have them mixed in with
my normal daily emails. I miss the interesting and occasional rukus
or outburst...because allot of times, we can actually learn something...
about humanity...and sometimes insanity. Sometimes there's a fine line.

Hugs to TPP...


The Ultimate William Clarke Tribute Site

MorTone Microphone

>I've sure met some cool people,
>made some great friends, and learned tons about the blues.
>I remember Ocky and Rick and Rich and we even survived that.
>Stick around Steve...and thanks for starting this great "thing"!
>~Tired Puppy Patty~

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