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Greg Nagy gjnagy@GMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 25 23:11:27 EDT 2007

Music for me allows no place for dogma and ego.   I do what I do.   I've
paid my dues.   Somebody likes it, or they don't.
I can't really change that.

IF a band sounds like Foghat and wants to call themselves a blues band, who
am I to say any different.
If another wants to add jazz changes...again, whatever.

I take the pursuit of what I do very seriously.   But I try not to take
myself too seriously.   I feel that music should be forward looking and
should feed off of things socially.  Others may be love and revere a given
extant style or period  and wish to honor same.  That is cool too.  Man,
there are bigger issues in the world than music.  I am just here to learn
some more about what others dig and do.   And to share what we are trying to do.

But I can only imagine the types of fireworks I missed here.  I've heard 'em
elsewhere.   Sounds like a cool bunch o' cat thus far.  :)

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