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Brat .
Thu Oct 25 20:11:03 EDT 2007

Hi Steve! 
I've been here for just over a year. Have you met Maxdog? He's our  current 
(and wonderful) list mom, as they call him, along with (the also  wonderful) 
Jimmy Jacobs. 
Welcome back! Here, come sit next to me and I'll introduce you to  everyone...
Brat :)
>In a message dated 10/25/2007 5:50:22 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes:

Hi  Steve,
I don't go back quite that far, I think I joined in late  1993.
Changed e-mail accts a few times but I'm still  here!

>>In a message dated 10/25/2007 5:35:48 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
mojo.spoonful@GMAIL.COM writes:

Hi! My  name is Steve Greer and I founded the BLUES-L when I was in college
at  Grove City College in Western Pennsylvania in the fall of 1992. E-mail
and  the internet was new to me then and I started the list out of my  new
college e-mail account, receiving all messages and editing them  together
into a daily digest, with an index and adding my commentary and  notes.

I haven't been involved in the blues-l much since then, but now  I'm back on
here and glad to see it's still going strong.

I've been  deeply into blues since high school in the mid-1980's, and still
am. Since  I guess it's been over 15 years that I've been recording and
filming live  blues performances, as much for history's sake as anything. I
currently  live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

At the present I have a blues radio  show on 91.1 FM, WRVU at Vanderbilt
University here in Nashville. It's on  the air from 8-10pm every Sunday
night. You can stream the show over the  internet at, and listen
to the previous week's show by going  to: All
of my past playlists (all 95 of  them!) are available  here:

Recently  I was cleaning out old boxes from storage and came across printouts
of  probably all of the original blues digests, I'm not sure but I think I
may  have compiled and edited 100+ issues of the digest before I had to hand
the  list off to a successor. First it went to Valerie Polichar at University
of  California in San Diego in February of 1993. Soon after that, in  early
March of 1993 my list was combined with a blues list that Jacob  Haller had
recently started at Brown University. Until I handed it over to  Valerie, I
had no idea that it could be done automatically! Lucky for me  because Grove
City College was on to us, that is those of us who had  figured out how to
read newsgroups and connect our "internal" college  e-mail outside of our
intranet, and were considering charging us *per  e-mail*, for both incoming
and outgoing messages in our mailboxes. Needless  to say, this was a great
cause of concern for me considering that I was  then receiving sometimes
hundreds of messages per day. That's when I found  out about Jacob's list at
Brown and we decided to merge both lists into the  Blues-L in the Spring of
1993, soon before I graduated.

So, I just  wanted to say hello and revisit the past a bit. I have to say
that I'm very  proud to have been one of the seeds of what is today's
Blues-L, and I'm  glad it's still going strong.

I think I have all of my old digests. It  looks like the server archives go
back to January 1999. The original daily  digest that I have would be Fall
1992 trough Spring 1993. I'd be happy to  arrange to add these to the
archives, if someone could help me figure out  the process.

--Steve Greer

P.S.--I just found a list  of subscribers from 2/11/1993, there were 99
subscribers at that time. Are  there any of the late 1992/early 1993 original
subscribers  left?

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