Message from the BLUES-L Founder (seriously!)

Fred Dabney
Thu Oct 25 19:37:41 EDT 2007

>I think I joined the first day or so it seems - sure was fun
> LW

I don't remember just when I climbed aboard the
leaky liferaft but I've had my share of fun as well.

But I think the list owes a tribute to those faceless
folk at Brown.  They took a lot of grief from a 
handful of members and I don't know if we ever
thanked them for their work, patience and forbearance
on our behalf..

The early list owners put up with a lot of nonsense
from members who often acted like a roomfull of
eight year olds who needed a nanny more than a
bunch of alleged grown-up music lovers, and my
thanks to them too!

Fred D.

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