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Wed Oct 24 00:26:19 EDT 2007

Walter Potter wrote:
I use to wonder why so many people were pointing their cell phones at 
me.  I figured they are letting the person on the other end listen to 
the band. I now know they were shooting vids. Yea, this is the "video 
age". Everyone that has a finger to press record is doing it. Right now 
there are thousands of un-suspecting suckers being up-loaded to U-Tube!
That doesn't bother me as 99.9% of the time it's only for personal use.
Anytime someone wants to shoot more pro looking footage, they alway ask 
1st. As long as it doesn't end up on www.upskirt.com

> Since I've been recording some shows lately, some thoughts on the subject have been passing through my tiny brain. I always ask if I can record audio and video since I want to respect the artist's wishes (all have agreed so far) but I have to wonder if an artist's ban on recording is worth while. Both audio and video recorders have gotten both better and smaller. Its very easy to sneak in a recording device to many shows that forbid them. Just the amount of audience recordings that show up on YouTube is a clue to how prevalent these devices are. After all, even a small digital camera can shoot video with passable audio. If you ban audio and video recording, do you ban digital cameras as well? So, is it worth it to fighting the rising tide? I can see forbidding people from setting up recording gear in a way that interferes with the show such as getting on stage or setting up bright lights for video but to ban recording all together seems like a wasted effort. 
> --
> Walter

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