A Journey Through The Blues ~ The Son Seals Story

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A Journey Through The Blues: The Son Seals Story, released by the VizzTone Label Group through Redeye Distribution, is an absorbing and illuminating look at the life of the legendary Son Seals. In this 30-minute documentary DVD Son Seals tells his own story with comments and information provided by members of his family and friends, fellow musicians, and blues music colleagues. Intertwined with the interviews are footage of Son's live performances, stills of Son and his environs complete with music from 12 of his must famous tunes, including "Hot Sauce," "Funky Bitch" and "Bad Axe." An added bonus is one hour of live concert footage from Rooster Blues, House of Blues, both in Chicago, and the Chicago Blues Festival.

Produced by Peter Carlson of Sagebrush Productions, A Journey Through The Blues shares specific facets of Son's life, his struggles, and his successes, with insights from his sister, Kat Sims, his son, Rodney Seals, Bruce Iglauer of Alligator Records, Koko Taylor, Dr. John, Steven Seagal, Lonnie Brooks, Frank Pellegrino of Kingston Mines, and Bubba Sullivan of the King Biscuit Blues Festival. Celebrated by Frank as the "good teddy bear with a chain saw," the DVD reveals the passion and the pain of Son's live; his brush with death that left him with a bullet permanently lodged in his brain, his affliction with diabetes, his raw boundless & exciting energy with a guitar in his hand, and his love of hats. 

One chapter, "Before You Develop There Is No You", Son talks about finding his groove, which Koko sums up beautifully by saying ". He had his own style.. And when you hear him play, everybody knows that's Son Seals in there playing." Bruce Iglauer recounts many stories accumulated over a 30-year relationship with Son as his label, manager, booker and friend. In the final segment, "Our Way Out Is Through Our Instruments," Bruce concludes by saying that through his music Son saw himself as an "emotional tour guide, leading people from inner frustration to external release." 

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