Ernest Withers obit makes Seattle Times

Jef Jaisun
Mon Oct 22 04:06:19 EDT 2007

The Seattle Times has a section next to the regular Sunday obits they 
call "Passages." It's reserved for people of particular significance, 
those who made an impact on the world as we know it. Yesterday, along 
with such national and international celebrities as Deborah Kerr, 
Joey Bishop, Teresa Brewer and our fiesty local freelancer Nick Gallo, was:

"ERNEST WITHERS, 85, a photographer who spent more than 60 years 
documenting history from the blules music of Beale Street in Memphis, 
Tenn. to the civil rights movement, died Monday in Memphis from 
complications of a stroke."

The Seattle Times is hardly one of America's great newspapers. I'm 
forced to take it on Sundays because it has a joint operating 
agreement with the P-I, so the P-I doesn't publish on Sundays. The 
fact a paper as marginal as the Seattle Times would even be aware of 
Ernest Withers is surprising. The fact they'd include him in Passages 
is nothing short of remarkable, not because he doesn't deservedly 
belong in that section, but because it illustrates just how 
far-reaching was the man's work and reputation. The Seattle frickin' 
Times...who would have thought?

Anybody heard about memorial service plans?


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