Root Doctor releases new cd!!

Greg Nagy gjnagy@GMAIL.COM
Sun Oct 21 05:17:04 EDT 2007

Hello Steve,
I am very hip to your group. Bought the cd last year and now have it in my
ipod.  Wonderful stuff!   I am honored that you dig our sound.  Need to get
you boys up here in Michigan.

Regarding Root Doctor:
This band has been together for about 16 years, but I have only been with
the group for three.  It is funny how sometimes the name creates some
confusion among Chicago folks though as Roy Hytower calls himself Rhut
Doktor (or something like that) and when we did a show with Otis Clay
(Detroit Jazz Fest) his horn section was talking about some other use of
Root Doctor.  I am pretty sure the band is named after the song, and we did
cover it on this new disc just because...  lol  Actually, it was sounding
pretty good live so it made the cut among the four covers.  

At any rate, it honors me that you are considering pickin up the disc.
Hope to see you perform soon.

Warm Regards,

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