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Fred Dabney fdabney@nmsu.edu
Thu Oct 18 18:27:31 EDT 2007

> I have two carrying cases with burnt copies of my favorite CDs in them for 
> camping trips, etc. and very occasionally I might rip the CDs to MP3 for 
> my player. I paid for the originals and I'm the person using them, I'm not 
> giving them to anyone else or selling them. The RIAA go to hell in this 
> regard as far as I'm concerned. Downloading commercial releases you never 
> paid for is one thing, making copies of stuff you already paid for your 
> own personal use is quite another. Insisting that I must buy another copy 
> is simply greed on their part.

The "Poll" refered to was in a computer tech's newsletter a few
days ago, and the man who posted it remarked that computer
professionals take a very liberal attitude on this matter.

Publisher Ziff-Davis emails the newsletter out on a daily
basis, and there seems to be a strong consensus among
the readers of it and other computer material that the
RIAA may have won the lawsuit against that woman
who got hit by a $220,000 judgment but they may
have lost the war overall.

As far as I'm concerned, someone should take the
RIAA, the MPAA and other such groups and nail
them all to a tree, then set fire to the tree.

Meanwhle, I have a lot of cds that I can't replace.
Either old or obscure material isn't something one
can go out to the nearest mall "music" store and
pluck from the shelf, but of course those artists
aren't likely to see anything from the sales in the
first place.

Fred D. 

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