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From: Fred Dabney <fdabney@nmsu.edu>
> The voting in my digital media ethics poll is now closed, and I'm sorting 
> through the fascinating results, which I'm going to respond to in a series 
> of posts. To kick things off, I want to talk about the one issue where there's 
> practically no disagreement. Look at the response to this question:
> Do you think it's proper to buy a CD, rip it to your hard drive, and then 
> make copies for your own personal use on multiple devices or computers?
> Yes: 96%
> No: 2%
> Sometimes/Depends: 2%

I have two carrying cases with burnt copies of my favorite CDs in them for camping trips, etc. and very occasionally I might rip the CDs to MP3 for my player. I paid for the originals and I'm the person using them, I'm not giving them to anyone else or selling them. The RIAA go to hell in this regard as far as I'm concerned. Downloading commercial releases you never paid for is one thing, making copies of stuff you already paid for your own personal use is quite another. Insisting that I must buy another copy is simply greed on their part.

So, what do ya'll think about downloading music or copying somebody else's CDs when you originally bought the same recording on LP or cassette? What about transferring LPs or cassettes to CD-R? 

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