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Greg Nagy gjnagy@GMAIL.COM
Thu Oct 18 09:43:21 EDT 2007

I dig the Matchless amps for their chord definition and did use one on our
last two records on some of the tracks, as they had an early model in the
studio.  Yet, there is a certain warmth to the Fender amps that I really dig.

I guess for me, while recording, the song really drives what type of amp I
reach for.

For performing, I have a Vibroverb, 59 Bassman Reissue, and a Blues Junior
(not all at the same time, of course, lol).  But sometimes wonder what a new
amp like Dr. Z would be like for my type of playing.

Anyhow, this post really spoke to me.

Too many amps...too little time.


Greg Nagy
Root Doctor

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