Crazy dancers - was NOLA Blues Fest

Blue Stew
Tue Oct 16 16:52:45 EDT 2007

Chipped teeth! That's what really scares me these days. Ya see, I have 
these four beautiful porcelain uppers (caps) that cost  7K and I plan on 
keeping them till death do us part. When I'm not singing I move the mic 
stand away from my face. If I can't do that and I see arms and bodies so 
close that I feel the the air move, I physically push them away. One 
time Security actually had a young lady removed from the premises, 
because she insisted on giving me a lap dance while I was trying to play.
A lotta people think it's ok to get on stage and jump around like 
monkeys but it's dangerous. It's like a bull in a china shop.
There are tens of thousand of dollars in equipment not to mention 
fragile boned musicians.
That's why The Stones had the Hells Angels Altamont pushing bodies off 
the stage. That's why a fan got killed there.
Dimebag Daryell, of coarse, was murdered from a nut jumping on stage. 
And the infamous Bill Haley, Comets show in the UK when "all Hell broke 
loose" and nearly ended not only Bill's career but his life.

Lisa Kelly wrote:
> Same thing happened to my boyfriend, crazy drunk dancer hit the mic nailing him right between the eyes, knocked him out for a couple of seconds.  The stage barely fits a drum kit and the dance floor is just as small so any one playing this club takes a huge risk when it comes to getting injured by crazy dancers.
> Lisa~~
> Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2007 19:05:47 -0400...."Lost part of a tooth once when a "goofy dancer" swirled around and she caught the bottom end of my boom on my mic, knocking my Shure 58 right into my mouth from about six inches away.. The musicians typically are more concerned about damage to themselves, dislodged speaker stands, damaged floor monitors, etc. to ever consider "goofy dancers" funny enough to laugh about...<grin>  

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