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Tom Hyslop
Tue Oct 16 09:07:34 EDT 2007

Hi, Chuck,

 Jimmie runs two Matchless amps (Robert Cray plays through them as
well), biased cold. Some like it more than others. I preferred his
old Strat through Super Reverb setup, but have no complaints about
JLV's '90s-'00s sound - and his playing (original style or his more
recent revision) is unparalleled.

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>Subject: Re: NBC: Volume
>Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2007 07:35:38 -0500
>>As some musicians are aware, sometimes guitarists want to crank it
>way up in 
>>search for that holy grail tone (the one that they hear in the back
>of their 
>>mind....and are after). More than a few times over the years I've
>heard the 
>>tone conversation summed up with the declaration that among current
>>guitarists that Jimmie Vaughan leads the pack (something I concur
>>He doesn't do it anymore, but back in the 70s (and early 80s) he
>used to use 
>>some sort of loud as hell vintage Fender amp (probably a
>Twin...since it can 
>>be loud as hell), that he would face backward towards the wall so he
>>play it louder. Then, I think it was him, who went to the plexiglass
>>partition to deflect the sound. I think he eventually moved on to
>one of 
>>those high dollar amps whose name escapes me--but somewhere along
>the way he 
>>figured out how to get what he was after without anyone's ears
>having to 
>>bleed for him to get it.
>>>From: pat boyack <pat@PATBOYACK.COM>
>>>I agree that there are many players who are just plain loud. Its
>>>like an addiction. You get used
>>>to it and want it more and more. But on the other hand there are
>those who 
>>>will just see a band or
>>>guitarist and put their hands over their ears. And then there is
>the ripple 
>>>effect, someone sees it
>>>(oh.....lets say the leader of the band or club manager/owner) and 
>>>automatically assumes its too
>>>loud. There are also sound men who want to have control of every
>aspect of 
>>>the sound and want the
>>>guitar the same volume of the drums, bass, etc. One time I opened
>for Derek 
>>>Trucks at the House of
>>>Blues in Orlando in '97 and the sound man there bitched me out for
>>>too loud yet licked Derek's
>>>butt when the then 16 year old was twice as loud.  Then there are
>>>singers who want me to be
>>>louder one day and quieter the next. As a player you always have to
>>>for the situation and deal
>>>with the neurotic assumptions and misconceptions of
>musicians/singers who 
>>>don't have a clue.
>>>Basically, its a classic battle that has been going on for years. I
>>>try to play for the room. I have
>>>a '56 Deluxe I use for local gigs that call for less volume and my
>>>Reverb for others. If I see a
>>>patron putting their hands over their ears I evaluate my volume. If
>I think 
>>>they are a "fuddy duddy" (as
>>>Hendrix would say) I ignore it. If others comment then I try to
>>>everybody happy. Having an
>>>attitude about being too loud in some guitar circles is considered
>>>until the gigs stop and there
>>>are guys who do it.
>>>Anyway, that's my poorly written rant about the subject.
>>>Pat B
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