DNA BLUES BALL / Nov 24th / Dallas

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Oct 16 08:07:27 EDT 2007

Dear comrades in the blues, please note that the DNA BLUES BALL benefit
scheduled for Nov 24th at the historic (and beautiful art deco shrine)
Lakewood Theater now has an official website up and running at
www.dnabluesball.org .

I am STILL working on a couple of names that I'll keep secret until I know
for sure--but I think the show should be worthwhile, both musically and for
what it is setting out to accomplish (raise funds, and raise the awareness
that funds are needed for DNA testing. Dallas County, btw, leads the whole
country in post conviction DNA based reversals).

The Moeller brothers of the Fabulous Thunderbirds band will be the anchor
band for most of the guests (and we'll possibly be adding Bob Dylan
guitarist Denny Freeman to that mix as well). Candye Kane is coming into
town for the show. Zac Harmon has stepped up to the plate and is cutting his
trip back home to Miss for the holidays short to lend his talent to the
evening. The always illustrious Cheryl Arena 
is bringing her hapr based blues to the show (as well as a special auction
package sent to her personally by Charlie Musselwhite for this event...as he
was once jailed for 30 days in Chicago behind a policeman's false
testimony)! I am also trying to get the Austin based Greyhounds up here for
the show, that way we'll have an organ on stage (Red Young was my first
choice, but he hasn't responded to my plea...damn it). I am also awaiting
confirmation from Wanda King.

There will be local and state politicians there, along with the Dallas D.A.
Craig Watkins, a couple of the men who have been released as a result of DNA
evidence will be there to share their storied, and the BBC will be in the
house filming the proceedings as part of the documentary they are producing
(revolving around some college interns / law students who are working with
the Innocence Project Of Texas.

Visit the website mentioned in the first paragraph for ticket purchase info,
and to learn more about DNA testing.

Cure The Blues, Free The Innocent
chuck nevitt
dna blues ball - co-producer

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