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>   I remember working with an artist at a local Chicago blues club where he would 
> utilize two Fender Twin Reverbs cranked to an an ungodly level of "10".  I have 
> to admit that did not make any freakin' sense.  

Now my guess is that player was Scott Holt who used to play with Buddy Guy. He played our little club with two amps both cranked to 10 and a plastic sneeze guard in front of the cabinets like that really helped much. I know they were set to 10 because I went up and looked at the settings. Too loud? You bet it was! I doubt they will have him back.

I saw KWS once with a row of four or five twins but at least it was at a large outdoor festival. Still sucked at any volume. I try not to say that about any performer now but that particular show sucked. I've seen him before that where he was at least listenable but there was no redeeming value for the show I'm talking about . Hopefully that was a career low.

I do realize that just because there are two or more amps on stage, that doesn't mean they are playing trough all of them at once, that there are switch boxes to divert the signal to an alternate amp.

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