Clapton on King

Blue Stew
Sat Oct 13 06:17:06 EDT 2007

Larry not BB. It was refreshing. I've never seen Eric so open and 
willing to talk about anything other than Robert Johnson. In fact I 
don't think he even brought up his name. And Larry did great! He didn't 
waste air by time asking his ussual Celeb poop like,
"who makes your shirts", "will the Beatles get back together?" Ya know 
in spite of E.C. having the most sucsessful music career anyone could 
hope for, addiction ruled most of it and he was angry throughout most of 
it. He made it out the other end intact. Now, he seems genuinely comfy 
in his own skin. I wonder...does this mean he will be playing happy 
music from now on?

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