NBC: Radiohead's move good or bad for the industry?

Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@COMCAST.NET
Fri Oct 12 00:52:36 EDT 2007

pat boyack wrote:

> Free is free and the reason why most of those Dead Heads exchanged and recorded bootleg tapes 
> was because they were broke hippies who spent their money on weed and gas to get to the next 
> show where they bummed cigs while trying to sneak in. 

The Deadheads weren't known for trading "bootlegs," they traded audience 
recordings (AKA "tape trading") that the band allowed them to make. 
There is a big difference. Bootlegs are illegally made and/or SOLD 
recordings. What has been dubbed "pirated music" in the press is 
commercial recordings that people are copying and GIVING away to other 
people. That has been going on since consumer level tape recorders came 
out, the Internet and computers just make it easier. Bootlegging is one 
thing, piracy another and trading audience recordings is quite another. 
In the last case,  nothing is being sold and no commmercial product is 
being copied. The first two rip off the musicians, the last one actually 
promotes the musicians. Some cheap bastards will never buy anything and 
may only collect the audience recordings. What's lost there? A sale that 
was never going to be made anyway? And I'm sure some Deadheads did 
pirate the commerically released stuff and some may have bootlegged 
stuff also by selling it but most stuck to trading the audience 
recordings and bought at least some of the commercial stuff.

In tape trading circles it is considered very uncool to try to profit 
from the recordings.
Walter (not a Deadhead)
Keep on keepin' on ...

PS What did the Deadhead say when he ran out of acid?
"This music sucks!"

PPS I am into collecting audience recordings (not the Dead) and I 
~STILL~ buy around 200 CDs per year. If I hear something I like on an 
audience recording then I want to buy the commercial releases.

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