NBC: Radiohead's move good or bad for the industry?

pat boyack pat@PATBOYACK.COM
Thu Oct 11 19:00:58 EDT 2007

Free isn't a new word in the music industry, its just that the free stuff goes to radio and 
promotion. And in the end who pays for it? The artist.

Now the Dead had a certain type of fan base that doesn't exist with 99% of the bands out there. I 
wasn't one of them and never got "it" even though I spent many a night smoking weed with a Dead 
Head fraternity brother of mine who looked just Art Garfunkle(sp?). 

But we can take this whole thing further and say I should be able to pay what I want for food, fuel 
and fun. Why can't I buy Mr. Waterman's book for the price I see fit. Hell, why doesn't Dick just 
post it on the net for all to see. I mean if I see some of his work maybe I'll buy his other books. 
Right? I would but many wouldn't. 

Free is free and the reason why most of those Dead Heads exchanged and recorded bootleg tapes 
was because they were broke hippies who spent their money on weed and gas to get to the next 
show where they bummed cigs while trying to sneak in. 

Pat B
High on Cocaine

On Wed, 10 Oct 2007 15:05:05 -0700, Stan Erhart <stan_erhart@pcworld.com> wrote:

>Free stuff didn't hurt the Grateful Dead's income.  If anything it
>resonated and increased their following and made their tours very
>lucrative.  All the bootleg material they allowed to be taped helped keep
>old fans and brought in new ones.  I'm always surprised when some bands
>take a hard line with their fans.  No photos, no taping, open your wallet,
>Blues Music List <BLUES-L@LISTS.NETSPACE.ORG> wrote on 10/10/2007 11:40:13
>> I'm sure that you guys have heard about this--Radiohead is offering
>> their latest c.d. as a download, and giving their fans the option of
>> paying what they think is fair for the c.d., or nothing if they so
>> desire. Here's an article on it:
>> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2007/10/10/
>> bcnradio110.xml
>> Do you think this is good or bad for the music industry? I'm
>> wondering if it might be a good idea to offer up a free song to get
>> a little more exposure. Often, when folks get something for free
>> they don't value it as much (example: are you more likely to read a
>> magazine that you paid for, or one that arrived at your doorstep as
>> a free sample?).
>> I would definitely like to know what everyone thinks about this issue.
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