Down At Your V-8 Ford...

Fred Dabney
Sat Oct 6 21:36:32 EDT 2007

Just for the record as far as I know V-8 Ford was Buddy Moss's song. 
Recorded Aug 21, 1935 on ARC records.  At least that's the earliest version 
I ever heard of it.

There's an earlier song with a simialr title.  Blind Teddy Darby
did it, and I think in the twenties.  I have it on a Document
collection.  Title along the lines of "I'm Gonna Fix Your
V-8 Ford."  :He's telling a rival that he's going to destroy
the guy's car.  It takes both sides of a 78, and by the time
he's done even the ash tray has been demolished.  Very

Fred D. 

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