Music & Politics in LA

Blue Stew
Sat Oct 6 16:59:56 EDT 2007

"I could end your lives with the stroke of a pen" + "hanging nooses" 
from a "whites only tree" in small town LA, 85% white + white student 
injured = attempted murder charges on six black teens + all-white jury...
it all adds up to 1931 "Scottsboro Boys Trial".
I'm gonna buy that John Mellencamp song...and I don't even like John 

Sally Stevens wrote:
> JENA, La. - A video in which rapper-actor Mos Def asked students around the
> country to walk out Oct. 1 to support the "Jena Six" escaped comment by this
> town's mayor. But when John Mellencamp sang, "Jena, take your nooses down," he
> took issue.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> And in New Orleans  ..............posted on the CLU Yahoo Group.........  
> Glen David Andrews wasn't even playing his horn, but rather singing...
> --------------------------
> Second line for deceased musician Kerwin James, a member of the New Birth Brass
> Band. Mr. James passed away last week and he will be buried Saturday. October
> 6, 2007.
> As is customary when an important jazz musician passes this was the first of
> several second lines scheduled to honor his home going. This solemn event was
> marred by more than twenty police cars attacking the more than 150 mourners.
> Children were knocked down, two mourners Derrick Tabb and Glen David Andrews
> were arrested for the crime of singing "I'll Fly Away". They were charged with
> disturbing the peace and parading without a permit. Glen D. Andrews explaining
> how officers silenced the band as they played the old funeral spiritual, "How
> am I breaking the law by lifting my voice to God, in honor of my friend", Mr.
> Andrews asked?
> This is part of a continuing pattern of disrespecting the culture of Black New
> Orleans. Double standards continue where rich mardi gras krewes such as Bacchus
> are charged only $750.00 for police permits and poor social aid and pleasure
> clubs are charged $4,000 for permits for smaller parades.
> We condemn the double standards and demand that the important role that second
> lines and social aid and pleasure clubs play in the positive image of New
> Orleans. We ask that permit fees are waived for second lines. Stop the attempts
> to crush our culture! Support our social aid and pleasure clubs! 
> -----------------------------------------
> sally

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