Bandleaders without a sense of humour

Steve Ahola steve_ahola@YAHOO.COM
Fri Oct 5 22:37:10 EDT 2007

Joe McGaha wrote:

> If I talked to my band like that, I wouldn't have a band tomorrow!

Ummm... if you talked to your band like that, you might not be around
tomorrow to have a band. <g>

Steve Ahola

P.S. You might think twice before singing "My Way" at a karaoke bar next 
time you are in the Philippines:

> "My Way", the song he wrote for Frank Sinatra, is tagged as the
> "Killer Song" in the Philippines. It's the top pick of drinking
> buddies in karaoke/videoke bars and when sung off-key, the singer is
> usually roughed up (or oftentimes shot or stabbed to death) by other
> drunks in the bar.

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