henry prokop
Fri Oct 5 11:31:21 EDT 2007

G'day Candye,
You Know I love you. You're the most sincerest person on this list.
And I still havn't seen you live!
I keep playing your music and people keep on loving it.
I'm bemused why you've taken this sort of approach when you know business is b............................and you've been there.
All the best
> Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2007 20:23:31 -0400> From:> To: BLUES-L@LISTS.NETSPACE.ORG> Subject: > > An open letter to bar owners with live music> > It has happened again. A club I have been playing at for several years, > a club in a major US city where I have done well and made good money > from the door, has decided to have only DJs from now on. No more live > music. They make much more money when they have only one DJ to deal > with as opposed to five musicians. “ It’s not personal, Candye. People > drink more when there’s a DJ,” the club owner said. “When they watch a > band, they stand there until the band is over and then order a drink. > When the DJ plays continuous music, they come to the bar throughout the > night, sweaty and thirsty. It’s a no brainer.”> > Of course it’s not personal. It’s just my life and my livelihood. It’s > just the way I have been making a living for the past fourteen years. > It’s just the way it has been done since I was old enough to sneak into > punk bars in Hollywood with my fake id. Watching live musicians play > live music was how I grew up. Seeing bands like Los Lobos, The Wild > Cards, James Harman, Top Jimmy and the Rhythm Pigs, X, the Paladins, > Smokey Wilson, Roy Gaines and the Blasters gave me a lump in my throat, > blisters on my feet from dancing all night and an empty wallet from too > many beers. It gave me a dream to hold onto; A dream that I could > someday be on that stage playing music as well. My dreams have come > true a thousand fold, allowing me to travel the world singing for > people and sometimes getting paid really well for my music. It has > allowed me the luxury of recording my songs on cd and the chance to > play music with my son, handing down the family tradition and taking > him around the globe with me. It has made my life rich and rewarding. > It has given me the opportunity to keep in touch with friends and > family in city after city and enabled me to learn about different > cultures and languages. It has given me the chance to revere and > emulate the musicians who came before me and made this one nighter > lifestyle possible.> > And so its time for me to thank YOU the club owner, who is committed to > keeping live music going in your small bar or middle sized venue. Maybe > you already know how grateful I am to you for the gigs you provide me. > Maybe you can tell when I am beaming from ear to ear onstage and > hugging you at the end of the night, how grateful I am to have this > job. But I am here to tell you again – YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. Your > dedication and commitment to live music means more now than ever > before! I know times are tough. You have had to cut back; not offer as > many hotel rooms or maybe no rooms at all. You have had to lower your > guarantees, maybe not offer food to the bands or work the front door > yourself while you juggle the sound board so as not to pay an extra > person. You are struggling too with rising gas prices, higher taxes, no > indoor smoking and city bureaucracy harassing you. You are dealing with > smaller crowds and less big drinkers with endless bar tabs. I know > times are tougher for you now, just like they are for me. And yet, you > keep on keeping on. You provide a place for people to come and dance > and forget their troubles for a while. You provide a workplace for > waitresses and bartenders. And most importantly, you provide a place > for us middle of the road musicians to share our talents. In this day > and age of digital downloads, you tube and American Idol, you provide a > community service by allowing live human beings to venture into your > club and share their music with others.> > I know it seems like a thankless job sometimes when you’re dealing with > crabby road dogs, drunk patrons, huge egos and complaints from > ingrates. But I am here to tell you that your work MATTERS. Your > support of live music in spite of these changing times and uncertain > economy shows what a big heart you really have. You are the sole reason > why people like me survive. And hopefully, together, we can weather > these uncertain times in the music business and come out on top. I > don’t want to be a grandmother telling my kids “There used to be live > people playing this music. It wasn’t just a recording, it was real > people.” I don’t want live music to be obsolete like the 8 track. I > want my grandkids to grow up knowing that playing live music is an > option just like any other occupation. I want them to go to bars and > see live music being played. And I want you to stay open and thrive! > Thanks so much for what you have been doing all these years and what > you will continue to do, because you believe in musicians like me. > Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Thank you for not > giving up. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, for making my dream > come true.> > Candye Kane> > work what you got, if its a little or a lot!> > for news and updates!>> > ________________________________________________________________________> Email and AIM finally together. You've gotta check out free AOL Mail! - >> > Blues-L web site:> Archives & web interface:> NetSpace LISTSERV(R) software donated by L-Soft, Inc.> To unsubscribe from BLUES-L, send an email with the message UNSUBSCRIBE BLUES-L to:
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