Thinkin about Sam tonight...Small Sam Myers story-Makes me smile

Barbara Hammerman
Tue Oct 2 21:56:57 EDT 2007

Dunno why but I 'm thinkin about Sam tonight.
Many others were present this night ---some years ago on one of the  
It was late. (early???)
Boat was swaying in  a BIG time way. Big waves.    Worst rocking I'd 
experienced but it doesn't get to me as it does some  folks.
Anson and crew were jamming.  Sam was perched front and center on a  tall 
stool .. Everyone was trying to stay vertical.  
The crowd was diggin the band, diggin Sam , and the scene but the rockin  and 
rollin of the ship clearly got to many,  as the crowd started dwindling  as 
people headed for the railing for comfort.
Sam stayed on. Played and ignored the fray.
Until -- the drummer had had ENOUGH and he TOO had to leave the stage to  
seek, recovery space.
Anson asked "Hey is there a drummer in the  house?"  Usually a  few would 
have volunteered but this night... nada.
He repeated the plea for a drummer.
Nope. No one . 
After a few minutes when everyone was figuring out what to do...Sam makes a  
face like "I'll take charge here" --- starts off the stool, grumbling,  moving 
slowly but determinedly -- Someone came to assist his movements and his  
voice became audible to those assembled.  It went something like this 
"Well damnit I ain't done it in a lot of years, but if ya need a drummer,  
guess I'm it!"  So he made his way back to the drum set up, settled in, and  
played the rest of the set right there - smack dab in the groove,  holding down 
the bottom, quite nicely thank you very much!
Oh yeah. Nice, nice ,nice -- What a treat that was for us!  Has me  smilin 
just thinking of it.
Carry on Sam wherever you are.  I know you will. 
Join us in New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta for the 
Real  Deal Delta Experience, April 2008. 
You KNOW its  time!
_www.DeltaMusicExperience.com_ (  

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