Larry Taylor runs for BF Board

Michael Huggins
Tue Jun 26 11:31:53 EDT 2007

I'm wondering if this isn't polarizing a lot more folks than starting 
another concerted effort towards change. Negativity, such as Mr. Taylor 
and his proponents espouse, is one way to draw attention. IMO, not the 
way to win friends and influence folks towards a positive outcome. Look 
at the disparity just in this thread alone.
One thing is for sure. Promoters of festivals, record execs, blues 
magazine editors, club owners, etc., have a fiscal responsibility to 
their owners. Sadly, talent and the tried and true formula of black 
blues has come of age and is being forced to compete in a de-segregated 
arena. Some folks want to hear the next whiz bang Brat with a strat. 
Someone will provide that audience with a venue and a long line of
performers. Soul/R&B are an interesting and viable offshoot/evolution 
of the blues art form. Kim Wilson, Duke Robillard, Ronnie Earl Horvath, 
they got where they are by their TALENT(1st), works and developing a 
following. I do know they are very instrumental in promoting the older 

Who wants to align with a movement that strives to divide and conquer? 
Not I. I wish I knew what to do to help get the message across to y'all 
and the awards decision makers. Maybe this will help. Try putting a 
little water on the fire instead of more Kerosene. I'm beginning to 
think of a new category: hmmm......., let's see.. Best rant/ bitch 
about the way things are going. I know who my first nominee would be.

The trouble is: hanging on to racial epithet, no matter one's well 
intentioned direction, leads to argumentative rhetoric that solves 
nothing. Larry/ Bonni, I understand your distaste with the current 
numbers of whites vs.(insert your gripe here)  in the awards 
ceremonies. I would remind you, however, that those folks have worked 
their way to where they are. They don't just throw the names in a hat 
and draw a winner. Nor, do they secretly determine by ethnicity, who 
should win.
  It's ok if you want to be pissed off. I would remind you though, that 
if you jump up and down and piss on everybody's picnic long enough, 
some day, they'll stop inviting you to the soiree. Maybe try a 
friendlier approach. SET THE EXAMPLE to further  positive communication 
regarding your issues.  There is no easy path to the solution, but 
racist mentality is the least desirable form of it. After all, isn't 
this the epitome of what we all hope to overcome?
Just my nickel's worth.
On Jun 25, 2007, at 1:12 PM, pat boyack wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Jun 2007 10:56:34 -0700, Barrelhouse Bonni 
> <> wrote:
>> Pat Boyack:  And what facts are these?
>> The facts, Pat, are that record companies and festival promoters are
>> ignoring a large pool of very good middle aged black blues musicians, 
>>  not
>> only in Chicago but in many cities big and small, and giving more 
>> spots to
>> white acts.
> Not true. I've already stated why and .........what the f**k...I'll do 
> it again. The major blues labels
> are always on the lookout for talented black blues artists. Are you 
> kidding me? They know its a
> money maker. Same with the promoters. I just don't get your argument.
>> (See the cover of Big City Rhythm & Blues magazine, six times
>> a year, and behold the lesser-known black artists’ faces.)  There is a
>> large pool of black fans who have turned out for Bobby Blue Bland, the
>> late Little Milton, Bobby Rush, Denise LaSalle, etc. but who are 
>> ignored
>> by many white festival promoters.
> I bet it's because many of the white promoters don't see them as 
> blues. I don't agree with that,
> justing leaning that way. I also don't think it racism either.
>> The facts are in the numbers.  Joe Lempkoski in his post of June 21,
>> noted that the racial split on Handy harmonica award nominations since
>> 1991 is 58% white and 42% black. Charlie Musselwhite and Kim Wilson
>> combined have almost as many harmonica nominations as all of the black
>> players combined. On guitar, 56% of the nominees are not Black, and 
>> 27% of
>> all nominees are Ronnie Earl and Duke Robillard.
>> I also did a survey on overall Handy winners in the last two years:
>> In 2006, 10 white artists received awards; they were all under age 
>> 65. Of
>> 15 black artists honored, six were deceased and all but one were over 
>> 65.
>> In May 2007, same story: 12 white artists won awards, all but one were
>> younger than 65. Of 13 African American winners, only two were younger
>> than 65, and two were deceased. NOT ONE of the 2007 “Best New Artist”
>> nominees was black. The message to black musicians, intended or not:
>> You’re worth nothing til you are old or dead; and besides, young 
>> whites
>> are taking over the blues.
> If the above two paragraphs are not racist then I don't know what is. 
> And I'm done with this whole
> argument. I'm just gonna slip back and watch....Good luck 
> Bonnie....and GOOK LUCK to the blues.
> Pat B
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