Larry Taylor

Damon M. Ayala
Mon Jun 25 13:56:52 EDT 2007

>From the beginning, with his (Bonni's) hate-filled posts to the list, the  
root of the matter has ALWAYS been about why LARRY TAYLOR isn't getting more  
If he wants to run for the BF board to help get himself more gigs,  then go 
for it.  There's a lot of real work involved in it too.   Sometimes we have to 
be careful what we ask for, Larry. 
Maybe there's a darn good reason why things are the way they are... ever  
think of that LT?  Just a thought.  I really don't think anyone  started up or 
joined the BF with the intent to keep blacks out; Quite  the opposite, for the 
most part, I'm sure.  My thought:  you should  seek these same folks out (who 
care about the music enough to be involved)  as friends.
BTW, any chance of getting LARRY to respond to any of these posts?   Seems 
like a prime opportunity to promote his candidacy to some influential  people, 
and maybe smooth things over in the process.

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