Donnie Brooks 1936-2007

Blue Stew
Fri Jun 22 10:39:58 EDT 2007

Nobody told me!! Don'tcha hate it when a friend or aquaintence dies and 
you find out by reading the obits? Ya gotta give 'em the roses ya 
know...I was just browsing the Rock-a-Billy HOF and saw that Donnie 
passed.  Donnie Brooks 
AKA Johnny Faire AKA Dick Bush was a pop singer/actor that had a few 
hits  early '60s. He had the rockabilly hits "Hollywood Party" and 
"Bertha Lou" under the name, Johnny Faire. His friend, Dorsy Burnette 
had him come in the sing it with the Johnny Burnette trio cuz they were 
still under contract with Coral. Donnie used the name Johnny Faire. Then 
he had a coupla' top tens, "Mission Bell" (I think reached 6) and "Doll 
House", under Donnie Brooks.

Smooth talking, quick wit, powerful voice and knew how to take charge of 
an audience. Donnie was one of the most influential people in my music 
career. I was so young I lied about my age to play CA night clubs. He 
was always in a good mood. Except for the night his father died. He had 
Johhny Moore and the Drifters cover for him. For one, he knew 
every-frikn-body in the biz! Although he knew a lotta blues singers (he 
got me the Big Joe Turner gig), he never was one himself. He was always 
too happy. Wish I woulda' stayed in touch more.


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