Larry Taylor runs for BF Board

Eric Paul-Hus Blues@CGOCABLE.CA
Thu Jun 21 09:40:47 EDT 2007

My apologies Mr Stevens ... You are perfectly right, I should have said that
50 years ago it would have "improbable" not "impossible" ... I don't believe
that such integrated scenes never happened before the civil rights movement,
I just firmly believe that depending where she lived,  the little girl would
have great chances of being harassed in school for doing it and that the
black members of the band and their parents COULD have ended up being
roughed up ... I based this opinion on numerous testimonies including BB
King's who witness a lynching 60 or 70 years ago  in front of a court house.
And he also said that he worked for a white framer that treated him like
family ... Sadly, the general good Christian spirit of the majority does not
erase the uneducated hatrid of a minority. 

To the effect of uncalled for tension building: I witnessed it first from
the Greenville PD towards the audience of Delta Heritage Festival in 2002.
I also saw Mr Edwards, an African American being real uncomfortable
following the arrival of 2 pickup trucks and asking us to leave the Arkansas
shore of the Mississippi where we were taking pictures of him with us. I
also had some Clarksadale Caucasian residents tell me that they generally
feared black people ... That was not 50 but 5 years ago and that was no
outside "expert" , those are things I lived.  Since we are splitting hairs
here, I will accept your apology for jumping to conclusion and finding me
100% wrong ..., 95, 99 maybe 100%, Nah! ... ;-) ...

Now I lay this to rest, and I again apologize if I let anyone under the
impression that everyone was racist in Delta at any giving point in time
that was not my intention, my intention was just to illustrate that positive
and proactive education where we make abstraction of the race is a better
way to go than race based quotas.



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De : Ricky Stevens [] 
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I get really tired of people with no clue about the Delta telling me what 
could or could not happen in the Delta.  Outside "experts" especially 
irritate me when they are 100% wrong about thos ethings.

37 years ago in 1970 the Drew, Mississippi High School Band had roughly 60 
members.  One was a 12 year old white trumpet player.

Your apology for buying into an unfounded generalization based on sterotypes

proppounded by ignoramuses is accepted.

Ricky Stevens
Arkabutla, Mississippi

>From: Eric Paul-Hus <Blues@CGOCABLE.CA>
>Also, I have a picture taken of Mr
>Billington's students at the Blues Museum with a tiny blonde girl in a
>mostly black or rather integrated grade schooler band, that sight only was
>heartwarming because 40 years ago it would have been impossible to see that
>in the Delta ...

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