Larry Taylor runs for BF Board

Tom Muck
Thu Jun 21 08:52:26 EDT 2007

> I'm a bit confused maybe some of the folks here could help. I see nothing
> wrong with Mr. Taylor wanting to draw more interest and support from the 
> black
> community for the music . I have not met him nor do I know him . I do see 
> how
> one could be troubled by the lack of involvement or interest in an art 
> form
> by  it's creators .There would appear to be nothing wrong with trying to 
> bring
> more  of the black community wether young or old to the music. If I am 
> missing
> something let me know.

Anytime you put a quota on something relating to race, it's racism. That's 
pretty basic. The right way to approach anything in life is to give 
preference to people who earn it by merit alone...if they are good, they 
deserve a spot over someone who is not as good. If he wants to appeal to 
black musicians, he should approach them and get them involved, not mandate 
that other more qualified people can't be involved because they have the 
wrong skin color.


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