Good Texan Video

Michael Huggins
Tue Jun 19 21:22:42 EDT 2007

THANX, CHUCK! Man, I can never get enough of seeing Jimmie play. Stevie 
was great, but as he willingly admitted in numerous interviews, brother 
was his fave. I ain't knocking SRV in any way.
Jimmie can say more with space and fewer notes in a way that speaks 
volumes about his synthesis of the myriad influences of his style.
I defy any guitar player to exercise that much restraint during a solo. 
JLV speaks to my inner being as a player. I'd rather listen to him than 
a lot of current bluesplayers. I wish he'd come out with a new cd, tour 
and videos that hit mainstream music vid tv......
yep, I know, DREAM ON!

  I tell y'all an interesting possibility would be a session filmed of 
JIMMIE and our own list member STEVE FREUND.
Steve is that caliber a player. Check his vids on youtube. Long Live 

On Jun 19, 2007, at 8:28 AM, c.n. wrote:

> w/ Charlie Sexton on drums, and Doyle II on bass.
> chuck
If the human mind was a simple thing to understand, WE would be too 
simple to understand it. <unk.>

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