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martys@voyager.net martys@VOYAGER.NET
Tue Jun 19 01:34:39 EDT 2007

Is it just me ? Or does XM seem to overplay some stuff and underplay 
others ?

I think I hear Jimmy Burns "Leave Here Walking" at least 5 times a day, 
and Watermelon Slim 2x an hour (which is really, really hard for me)....

... but I have yet to hear Fenton Robinson, Big Voice Odom, Larry Davis, 
Bobby Parker, Robert Ward, Sam & Anson, Jimmy Dawkins, Sherman Robertson 
and many others ... and I've been listening for a couple weeks for 8-10 
hours a day.

Seems to be a skew. Wayyyyy too much blues-rock for my taste. And too much 
of a few people in particular.

I've been out of the loop for a bit, but who is Nelson Adelard ?

Maybe they need 5 blues channels:

1) PreWar
2) Traditional/acoustic
3) Contemporary Electric (1940s forward)
5) Rock Blues (SRV, Allmans, KWS, Lang)
6) Soul Blues

Comments ?

Also, I enjoy Bill Wax the most of their hosts, but he has a comment that 
blues artists in Chicago make "really good money" .... last I knew, those 
were mostly $500 gigs.

To quote Carl Weathersby, "I don't care if I ever see Orange again".


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