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Dear Sir(s)
The first full-length CD from Bluestone
Bluestone from Oulu, Finland, released its first full-length CD titled
It takes time in early February 2007 and received rave reviews for it in
Finland. It has now been shortlisted in the United States for the Blues
Release of the Month.
The pioneers of traditional Chicago-blues in Finland, Bluestone has been
active in its original line-up since 1993. The recording process was
true to the genre: there were no overdubs and almost all entries were
first takes. Special attention was also paid to the sound world. The
recording process took place in an old school gym, which accounts for
the big sound on the record. The artists are: Matti Loppela (guitar),
Pekka Pulkkinen (vocals/harmonica), Markku “Maxx” Perälä (piano/organ),
Miikka ”Chef” Kivimäki (bass) and Jari Korpimäki (drums). Further
information and samples from the CD can be found at
<>  . You can order the CD as well as book the
band via the website.
We have now amended the musical samples on out site
<>  to include four full songs so anyone
visiting the site can get a better idea of our music. Please feel free
to recommend our site to any interested parties in your area. We can
also send promo CD:s to parties with a genuine wish to promote our
We have recorded most of our gigs in the past so there’s plenty of
bootleg material available should it interest you. After all, the songs
on the CD only represent a fraction of our repertoire. At this point,
however, we won’t clog your e-mail with unsolicited attachments. Please
don’t hesitate to ask us for some mp3:s (or our own bootleg CD:s) if you
want to know more about our musical endeavours.
Please find underneath an account of a true blues man’s relation to
blues music. The Man in question is Matti Loppela, our guitarist, whose
playing has to be heard to be believed. And heard it can be at <>  . The band can also be
reached at .
The Bluestone philosophy by Matti Loppela
Bluestone was founded in 1992, the first line-up being short-lived. The
present-day band dates back to 1993, with four of the five original
members still on board. We recorded one EP – “Tones in Blue” in 1997,
but “It takes time” , released in 2007, is our first full-length CD.
When we started playing in the summer of '93, we all lived in the same
city, Oulu, which made practising and doing gigs a lot easier than in
later years. Since 1994 the band members have lived in three different
cities. This in part explains our less than prolific record-making and
gigging. Day jobs and raising families have taken up some of our time
Bluestone is strictly a play-it-for-pleasure band; we have never played
very many gigs. I play the blues because I have to, I simply can't (or
don't want to) play any other type of music. Yet I can't say that I have
always liked the idea of keeping the band together; sometimes it has
felt too much like hard work.
But the blues has such an enduring power that some little voice inside
my head always says “keep on trying” whenever I think of quitting. This
has been the case since the mid-seventies when I first heard Freddie
King's “Help Me Through the Day” on the radio and was hooked. Totally.
And here we are, some thirty years later with my first real record
In our repertoire you can hear echoes of Albert King, Freddie King,
Magic Sam, Hollywood Fats, Otis Rush, Otis Spann, Walter Horton and some
of my other musical heroes. It is not our intention to copy their
classic songs but rather to interpret them in our own way. We just can't
do it any other way – we're no composers or copycats. Personally, I am
inspired by many blues styles and songs and like to make lesser-known
but good songs accessible to the listener. The blues tradition is such a
vast source of great songs that not too many people are aware of. For
me, playing the blues is an obsession. Oh yeah, the blues has got me.
Matti Loppela, November 2006 
Thanks to Philip Toshio Sudo, the author of “Zen Guitar”, for giving me
plenty to think about when it comes to playing, and especially when it
comes to living.
Matti Loppela
Juhaninviita 10 
60150 Seinäjoki
phone +358 6 4234460
Jari Korpimäki 
Huovintie 17
90630 Oulu 
phone +358 40 5904916

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