Fwd: Melvin Taylor to the IBC???

Walter Potter maxdog-blues-l@COMCAST.NET
Fri Jun 8 14:44:39 EDT 2007

It was the Singapore Blues Society that sponsored Joey the first time but I don't remember that having anything to do with him being disqualified. I'm pretty sure the disqualification was based solely on his last CD falling within the 10 year span that was against the rules at the time.

I have heard many grumbles about organizations sponsoring acts from outside their area and I know from personal experience that some acts contact organizations trying to gain entry into the IBC, sometimes from way outside the area the organization serves. If determining what acts qualify based on recordings is problematic then determining their qualification based on location would be even worse. 

BTW, it doesn't have to be a blues society to enter an act, other organizations also can send acts.

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From: Sandor Gulyas <sgulya1@gmail.com>
> Among the rumors and innuendo about IBC I seen posted on here include
> musicians (don't recall seeing any specific names mentioned)
> "shopping" for blues societies to sponsor them at Memphis and another
> story that Joey Gilmore's sponsor (the Korea Blues Society) was among
> the reasons he was disqualified several years back (mind you that the
> latter was never substantiated and may well have been discredited by
> now)
> Sandor

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