Myspace artist profile stuff (was Myspace)

Stan Erhart
Fri Jun 1 15:38:30 EDT 2007

So those are Mr. Wonderful's friends?  That explains everything.  I was
going to say something nice about Mr. W., but I was afraid it would be
misunderstood and, oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood (sorry he
says sheepishly).  In other news, I am happy to report that I received a
reply from myspace tech support in less than 24 hrs!, very good by any
standards.  But the bad news is that you're right and it's as I suspected,
you can't convert a regular myspace profile to a music profile, and if you
decide to have two profiles, you can't use the same email address for both.
The good news is that nobody is my friend yet, so I don't have to worry
about losing anybody when I trash my current myspace profile.  Which I will
do with relish.

For anyone interested, here is my myspace tech support question and their
reply.  It's the big chunk of text between the === lines.

Hello there,

Sorry for inconvenience, but profile conversions are not available. Only
one profile/URL is allowed per email address. A separate band profile
would have to be established under a separate email address. If you wish
to create a Band profile, click the link below and sign up.

Warning - MySpace Music accounts are for MUSICIANS. Uploading songs you
do not own is a violation of the artist's copyrights and against the
law. If you upload songs you do not own, your account will be deleted.

If you would like to show support for a musical group or artist, create
a fan club in our GROUP section.

Thank you,
Myspace Music Support

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Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2007 7:00 PM
To: Music Support
Subject: Artist/Band Questions - How do I sign up for a music account?

Subject: Artist/Band Questions - How do I sign up for a music account?

Hi, Can I change my account to an artist account rather than deleting my
current personal account and starting over?  I'd rather not have two
accounts and I didn't realize you offered an artist acccount until

Joel Fritz wrote:

Don't slander Joe's friends like that.  Look to see if he still has the
picture with the cape.

I think you're right.  You have to start a separate music page using a
different email or delete the personal account.  I went through that
when I signed up.  Their tech support isn't exactly speedy.  <g>

Joe is one of my myspace friends and I have to be loyal.  Take it from
one who knows, Mr. Wonderful is wonderful.

Stan Erhart wrote:
> Nice moniker, Mr. Wonderful.
> I have one finally, but my name is much more ordinary.  And I'm going to
> tear it down and build one in the music section this weekend (I didn't
> about that section until someone told me recently).  There doesn't appear
> to be a way to move the current site without starting all over.  And tech
> support is not helpful.  They email you back after a couple of weeks, but
> by that time I've forgotten the question and they don't include it in the
> reply.  Nice!  The best part about myspace is all those nonexistent babes
> that keep asking to be your friend.  I think their real name is Gorky.

>              Joe Lempkowski  wrote:

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