The line/question of the year nomination

Gregory Johnson
Sun Jan 28 17:03:38 EST 2007

I didn't state anything about being angry or demeaning to the kids. It was all tongue in cheek. I am a huge proponent of the Blues in the Schools programs; it is a large part of what our society wants to accomplish. I have personally set up blues performances at one of the largest hospital systems in the NW the past couple years for their annual Easter Kids Fair just to reach out to them at an early age. You cannot build on the future for the music if not offering some form of exposure.

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  Yeah--there are a lot of kids who are uninformed, or misinformed about the
  blues.  I hope all of you are kind & friendly as you inform them--anger
  basically just turns folks in the other direction.  Blame the school system,
  or their parents, or society as a whole, but don't come down on these kids
  too hard.  If a kid isn't exposed to something, whose fault is that?  I was
  lucky enough to have music-loving parents who exposed me to enough to move
  me in the right direction, but I knew a lot of kids who didn't come from
  that situation.  In fact, some hard-core religious groups downright banned
  them from listening to blues, and rock & roll.  

  "Cleanhead" Joe McGaha
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  Some people are just not well-informed. I actually heard a kid standing
  outside the fence behind the Front Porch Stage at the Waterfront Blues
  Festival ask who was on stage because they couldn't see from behind the
  fence. The other kid said it was Stevie Ray Vaughan to which the other
  replied, "Cool." Of course, SRV never played at the Waterfront, let alone
  the smaller Front Porch Stage rather than the huge South Stage. The
  guitarist at the time I believe was Portland's Robbie Laws. And did I
  mention this was just about three years ago. I told the kids, that'd be the
  biggest trick I'd ever witnessed if SRV was on stage resurrected from the
  grave after being dead for the past 13 years. Somebody should alert the
  press of such a phenomenal performance!


    From: Sandor Gulyas<<>> 

    "Does anyone know of SRV outside Texas?"
    I kid you not, some 22 year old asked me that last night.

    The kicker, said kid is a "General Studies" major @ North Texas
    (combining Psychology, Kinsinology (sp), Music, and Biology) who was
    in Baton Rouge this weekend for his brother's wedding.  The groom
    decided last week to have the (post) wedding reception up @ Teddy's
    Juke Joint, so that's where I met this 22 year old discovering "good
    black music" (as he called it)

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