Now that SRV is gone who's next in bringing Blues to mainstream?

c. n.
Fri Jan 26 03:02:53 EST 2007

>From: Theresa Worrell <>
>   I don't get the whole SRV thing. He is like Hendricks in rock, over 
>hyped. His vocals were not really noteworthy, his guitar playing was over 
>rated, just not impressive. A media creation for those who wish to worship 
>at the alter of SRV. Invoking his name gives one some kind of cred as a 
>blues fan? Was he supposed to be the messiah of the genre?  Not to my 
>sensibilities. There were many, many better then SRV. They just didn't have 
>the backing. IMHO!

I think we all could benefit by you telling us the names of a handful of 
those you consider better, so we can at least give them some consideration 
in this conversation....or maybe at least go and listen for ourselves.

For the record, Stevie was wowing a LOT of us down here in Texas LONG before 
the media ever heard of him, and it wasn't because he was handsome, and back 
then it wasn't because there was any sort of hype preceding him that we had 
all bought into. It was before the rock & rolll excesses had creeped into 
his act (see, even a lot of us admit that happened once he was signed to a 
major label, who if you've been following this thread you would have read 
they didn't even want him mentioning the word blues in interviews, much less 
playing them all the time).

I am not trying to convince you to change your mind about him, I am just 
telling you what I saw and heard first hand. (if you, for some reason, chalk 
what I am saying up to not knowing the differences, just go listen to the 
first few records I produced, and then get back with me on that).

Looking forward to seeing your list of those "many, many better then(sp?) 
SRV."  Btw, I personally have never heard SRV called "the messiah of the 
genre," by anyone other than those who seem to absolutley loather him for 
whatever reason, in a cheap attempt to sell the overhyped charge. Like Zuzu 
Bollin, who I quote often used to say, never mind, you'd run away 
sniveling if I were to say it, claiming the big, bad STRV fan-atics ran you 
off, so I'll keep my powder dry for more worthwhile arguments than the tired 
one you're spewing forth.

Please respond to the list, not just me personally.

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