Buddy Guy's Legends

Blue Stew mail@bluestew.com
Tue Jan 9 06:42:21 EST 2007

Yeah, he does pretty good for a blues musician.  Even a famous one.  It 
just blows me away how these old timers can still keep up the vigorous 
road life...forever... till they die.  Buddy is only 70 BB is 80, Etta 
James is up there too.  I'm like, way younger than them and I don't 
travel much anymore 'cuz of road burn out.  If I had five houses and a 
Rolls like Buddy does, I'd like to stay home and enjoy 'em before 
they're gone.
Problem is, they still gotta pay for the up-keep on all their stuff I 
reckon.  These days I like to work less and have less stuff.  It makes 
life much simpler... and poorer.
mike'"Greeeen Acres is the Life for Me...."

Dave Markovits wrote:
> That's interesting Dick. God for the life of me, I
> cannot remember where he said the club wasn't making
> that much money. It might have been an article on the
> state of the Chicago Blues scene.
> My guess is he makes it from the live shows, a nice
> little 6 figure salary per gig
> Dave Markovits
> chicago IL

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