PLAYLIST: Blues Cafe 1/6/07

David Carrigan
Sun Jan 7 12:01:41 EST 2007

My show #426. This week the Saturday Blue Plate Special was a countdown - 
they are roughly in reverse order - of personal favorites from 2006, new 
issues.  Note: in honor of Sunshine Sonny Payne, all shows begin with a 
Muddy Waters tune!  Once again I'd like to thank all the artists and labels 
who help support WWSP and the Blues Cafe'. Your input has given me so much 
enjoyment, and I'm happy and blessed to be able to pass it on to my 
audience. Happy New Year!

A couple notes about the list:

Naturally, only cds I had the opportunity to hear had a chance to make the 

Personal lists are just that, personal and likely unique. The performances 
and artists that made my list are influenced by other things other than 
what's on the disc. I often find myself attracted to artists I've never 
heard/seen before (3 of the top 6 are).  That's probably the collector 
attitude in me. Sports card collectors will know about "rookie cards".

Vocals are very important to me; in my opinion, there is a "blues voice" or 
sound. It's not a black, white issue, 13 of my favorite cds for '06 are 
white vocalists, 21 are black. Some voices are better suited for rock or pop 
or jazz.  Again it's personal, you just know "it" when you hear it.

In my opinion you better have something special to offer if you're going to 
cover someone else's tunes. New material with a feel and obvious reverence 
for the masters works for me. This reflects heavily in my favorites for 
2006. There are masters like Otis Rush and Junior Wells, tons of veterans, 
and a number of relative newcomers who cherish and reflect the older 

Many of the artists are ones I've seen perform, roughly half. That often 
factors into the enjoyment of a new cd for me. First impressions! A few are 
surprises, artists whose recordings in the past did not impress me, but the 
new one for 2006 hit home. The Smokin' Joe cd and Bernard Allison cd come to 
mind. (both live, Hmm)

Twelve of my favorites are live performances, I'm glad "they" are getting 
better at recording live. While my outings to nightclubs are fewer and 
fewer, my visits to festivals continue. Trips to King Biscuit (it'll always 
be the Biscuit to me!) in Helena AR, the Sunflower in Clarksdale MS and the 
Chicago Blues Fest always influence my listening choices. It doesn't get any 
better than sitting out front at Cathead, listening to Big George or Super 
Chikan performing 6 feet away from you in one of the towns where the blues 
were born.

Papajoe (David Carrigan)
Blues Cafe'
Reserve Street UWSP
Stevens Point WI 54481

Saturdays 3-7P on 90FM - the only alternative!

January 6, 2007
Muddy Waters /40 Days & 40 Nights /His Best '56-'64 /Chess
"Papa's Picks from '06"
Chris Thomas King /What Would Jesus Do? /Rise /21st Century
Sugar Pie DeSanto /Life Goes On /Refined Sugar /Jasman
David Lee Durham /My Heart is Filled with Misery /Struggling and Straining 
Otis Rush /Right Place, Wrong Time /Live at Montreaux 1986 /Eagle
Howard Luedtke /I Gotta Find My Baby /Alone with the Blues /False Dog
Daddy Mack Blues Band /A Real Good One /Bluestones /Inside Sounds
Michael Powers /Signed D.C. /Prodigal Son /Baryon
Hollywood Blue Flames /Steady Rollin' /Road to Rio /Delta Groove
Jimmy Duck Holmes /Hard Times /Back to Bentonia /Broke and Hungry
Odell Harris /On Your Way Fishing /In Search of Odell Harris /Broke and 
Frankie Lee /I Wish i Had a Dime /Standing at the Crossroads /Blues Express
Otis Rush /717 /Live and in Concert from San Francisco /Blues Express
Swamp Cabbage /More Booty with Buddha /Honk /self
Jackie Payne & Steve Edmonson /Wake Me Up in San Francisco /Master of the 
Game /Delta Groove
Mel Brown /Ruby Mae /Blues - a Beautiful Thinfg /Electro-Fi
Bernard Allison /Don't be Confused /Energized /Ruf
Rev. Billy C. Wirtz /Grandma vs The Crusher /Sermon from Bethlehem /Blind 
Moreland, Arbuckle and Floyd /Long Past Midnight /Floyd's Market /Uncle 
Adolphus Bell /Have You Ever Plowed a Mule /One Man Band /Music Maker
Andrew Jr. Boy Jones /Noises in the Backroom /Jr. Boy Live /43rd Big Idea
Lee Gates /My Wife Left Me a Long Time Ago /Black Lucy's Deuce /Music Maker
Lil' Dave Thompson /I Got the Blues /Got to Get Over You /Electro-Fi
Charlie Musselwhite /Sundown /Delta Hardware /Real World
Blind Mississippi Morris /Second Hand Store /Live in Leeds - Roscoe Club 
/Boogie BBQ
Stacks Edward Band /Stand to Crawl /Live /Land o Blues
Smokin' Joe Kubek /Better be Gettin' it On /My Heart's in Texas /Blind Pig
Daniel Slick Ballinger /Rosalie /Mississippi Soul /Oh Boy
Willie King /Ride Sally Ride /One Love /Freedom Creek
Kilborn Alley Blues Band /The Breakaway / Put it in the Alley /Blue Bella
Junior Wells /Come on in This House /Live at Theresa's 1975 /Delmark
Omar and the Howlers /East Side Blues /Bamboozled /Ruf
Big George Brock /Mr. Wal Mart /Round Two /Cathead
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band /Spreadin' Your Love Around /Big Damn Nation 
/Family Owned
Ian Siegal /She Got the Devil in Her - I Gotta Try You Baby /Meat & Potatoes 

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