Buddy Guy's Legends closing

Jef Jaisun jef@jaisunphoto.com
Sat Jan 6 14:16:51 EST 2007

>Columbia College has been planning to build a student center at the 
>site of Legends ever since the land was donated to the school in 1999.

Yeah, that's what we need to bolster our waning blues culture. 
Another student center.

>At one time Guy was going to move to the northeast corner of Balbo 
>and Wabash. He was unable to build a 700-seat club on that space 
>because of a snag with a lakefront board that approved neighborhood 

That's the corner where the taco joint is, right? That talk goes back 
at least four years. "Neighborhood aesthetics?" Give me a break! 
Anyone who's ever walked that "neighborhood" knows what a joke that 
is. Parking lots, parking garages, taco joints, humongous hotels and 
the freaking El. "Neighborhood aesthetics," my ASA.  I'm wondering 
about the proposed size, though. What's the current capacity at 
Legends? It can't be more than 400 (even though sometimes it feels 
like 1400). Maybe if Buddy scaled back his proposal it would be approved.

Legends is the only blues club in that area, and it's within walking 
distance of the park. That's one reason it's a popular stop during 
Chicago Blues Fest weekend. You can only do so much hanging out at 
Miller's Pub.

Like Son implies, the centers of learning and culture in this country 
have become less about learning and culture and more about bringing 
in the bucks. There's a clear lack of understanding of why places 
like Legends are critical to the survival of America's most unique 
musical art forms. (I include both blues and jazz in that.) It's 
neglect born of ignorance. More than half the population of the U.S. 
wasn't even alive when Nixon was chased from office; how can they be 
expected to know what the blues is all about when the Captains of 
Industry and Education are so busy obliterating it from the cultural landscape?

Gee...maybe someone at Columbia College could teach them, in the 
existing student center. Then maybe they wouldn't need a new one at 
754 S. Wabash.


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