Does B.B. know about this?

Jonny Meister
Fri Jan 5 20:13:33 EST 2007

I've heard several bands complain about agreements like this at clubs, even 
clubs that enjoy very positive images.... no one wants to lose money -- and 
most want to make it-- blues, unfortunately, loses often. I remember seeing 
Big Jack Johnson some years ago at a club in Philadelphia. A decent-sized, 
but not huge, crowd was there. The club people told me that the late night 
show, with a local rock band, would bring in more than twice as many people 
& the band was paid a quarter of what Big Jack was paid. It seems that 
festivals are a better platform for blues than clubs these days. Bands that 
are serious about club work go to great lengths to gather up their fans for 
gigs-- to meet expectations like the ones in the contract described 
here.  -Jonny

At 10:59 PM 1/5/2007 +0000, you wrote:
>I just recently signed on to perform at B.B. King’s in Universal City, 
>California, and they emailed me a contract (which is a standard practice). 
>Check out the second term on the list!Pay to play has caused the downfall 
>of the music scene in Hollywood, and now it looks like it’s even taking 
>place in blues clubs:
>·Artists agrees to promote this event on their website or 
>page.If artists does not have a page then artists agrees to 
>start one for free.URL:
>·Artist agrees to promote and bring as many people as possible over the 
>age of 21.Artist will sell a minimum of 50 tickets and turn in $500 (Cash 
>Only) the night of the show in order to perform full set and understand if 
>less come set may be lessened or even canceled.Artist/Band can bring guest 
>all ages as long as they are paid guest and as long as they enter the club 
>before 10pm.
>·All guests under 21 must purchase 2 drink tickets at the door for a 
>total of $8 unless they are eating entrees.
>Band members are obligated to inform their guest that in order to sit on 
>the first floor their guest must each order food. Otherwise, their guest 
>can sit on the third floor of this establishment.
>The contrast between the terms above, and their mission statement on 
> is pretty big:
>Through the ideas and ideals of inclusivity over exclusivity, and 
>ownership as appose to proletariat, a revolutionary concept has emerged to 
>form the Club Venue product and philosophy. The idea is to combine the 
>values of inclusivity with ownership in order to produce both a community 
>that values its members and sees them as essential to the value of the 
>community and individuals who value their community and see the value of 
>their community as fundamental to their own individual value.
>Ah, well ­ to take a great line from one of my favorite movies, â“forget 
>it Jake ­ it’s Chinatown”. In this ccase, “forget it guys, it’s 
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