A New (old) Sam Myers Video

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 1 21:37:08 EST 2007

This http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoA8PPlvnpg video clip comes from one of
my "blues revue" style shows done at Club Dada back in '94. It was intended
to be Henry Quall's CD release party too, but his mother died the night
before and he had to miss the show, so I called Sammy up that evening and
asked if he could fill in for Henry and sort of be MC. He came through,
bigtime. Sam could be as gruff as they get sometimes, but when he could help
out a friend in someway, you could tell he dug it....and that's a good deal
of the reason none of flinch at all to call him Sweet Sam Myers.

This particular clip is, imo, one of his top performances for me. Maybe it
was just that the whole thing wasn't rehearsed at all, but Sam started
things off with this Lightnin' song, explaining that Henry couldn't be there
that night, but if he was, he'd likely be doing this number. (He was in a
Texas mood that night, even did Lester William's Wintertime Blues). I think
you'll agree the groove on this one is deep.

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