NBC: Phil Spector's Murder Trial Is On Court TV

Blue Stew mail@bluestew.com
Thu Apr 26 05:20:58 EDT 2007

Spec did have plenty-o-time to wipe away his fingerprints and residue 
before he called the cops. He had time to put the smoking gun in Lana's 
hand and stage a suicide too. The wall-o-sound man has a notorious rep 
for holding women against their will, and his morbid  fascination with, 
and abuse of firearms is historic.
I have no doubt that he did it. I had no doubt that O.J., Jacko and 
Robert Blake did it. I also have no doubt that he will buy a verdict of 
not guilty by reasonable doubt, just like the prior three celebs did.
In this town, guilt and innocence are based on two things...how much are 
you willing or able, to pay for the verdict of your choice, and how 
popular are you.

I do think Phil did it but I would hate to see him go to prison. Why? 
Because I think he is mentally ill. It's pretty obvious the guy is more 
than just plain goofy...just ask Ronnie! I'm sure if someone would list 
all the nut bag things he's done over the past five decades, it would 
seem like fiction. From everything I've heard, he is a self absorbed, 
power hungry, eccentric, ego maniac, woman abuser with no friends and a 
whole lotta guns. He's a danger to everyone around him. He feeds off the 
power he feels when he pulls his nine mm on people and watches them 
tremble in fear.
He is also a fragile, tiny little man with very big hair, and needs 
psych care 24-7-365.
"I'm dealing in rock'n'roll. I'm, like, I'm not a bona fide human being..."
The gun went off accidentally."-Phil Spector

Dick Waterman wrote:
> In a message dated 4/25/07 3:25:34 PM, cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM writes:
>> Phil Spector's murder trial began today, and is being televised on Court
>> TV. The prosecutor's opening statement (where he laid out about a half dozen
>> prior incidents where he detained women against their will) w/ a fire arm
>> seemed damning enough that I almost expected Spector to Jump up and scream,
>> "Yeah, I did it, but I'm sorry, ok?" at any moment! Then again, he may
>> realize this is his last hoorah as far as celebrity goes. He was the man
>> responsible for the "Wall of Sound." Soon, he'll be just another man behind
>> "the walls."
> Spector's lawyer is Bruce Cutler who got John Gotti acquitted three times 
> despite a huge amount of government surveillance evidence. On a fourth trial, 
> Gotti switched lawyers and died in prison.
> Also, prosecutors admit that there is no gunpowder residue on Spector and his 
> fingerprints are not on the gun.
> Stay tuned . . . 
> Dick Waterman
> Oxford, MS
> www.dickwaterman.com

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