Didgeridoo and Harper too

Chefoblues@aol.com Chefoblues@aol.com
Thu Apr 26 01:44:29 EDT 2007

A blues cat from down under made his way into the Central Arkansas city of  
Hot Springs tonight playing a set with his band at the Spa City Blues  
Society's Wednesday night blues jam.  Harper with his young  band assembled from 
places like Indiana, Michigan and  Pennsylvania performed his Aussie version of 
blues to a curious  crowd at the friendly confines of Maxine's (two cup coffee 
maker) coffee house,  cafe and bar.  I gotta admit it is the first time I've 
seen a didgeridoo  incorporated in blues act.  Even though I'm not sure his music 
is what I'd  call "pure blues" I thought he and the band were pretty good and 
worth checking  out.  They are booked in every club and festival around the 
area they could  get into.  I got a few pictures of him blowing harp and the 
didgeridoo  too.
good blues,
Steve Harnar
Hot Springs, AR.

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