Walter Potter
Sun Apr 22 00:01:01 EDT 2007

Here's a few dates (b.born, d.death) for tomorrow.  If you have any additions/
corrections, email Complete data is now available
from <>. 

artist                     notes             yyyy-mmdd, city/county   state age
ARMSTRONG, JAMES         (g/HIGHTONE REC) b. 1957-0422, LOS ANGELES,     CA
BROWN, JEFF    (road manager/RAY CHARLES) b. 1924-0422, DALLAS,          TX
CANDIDO [CANDIDO CAMERO]   (conga/bongos) b. 1921-0422, HAVANA,        CUBA
CARTER, MEL                 (v/DERBY REC) b. 1943-0422, CINCINNATI,      OH
CHAMBERS, PAUL               (b/COLTRANE) b. 1935-0422, PITTSBURGH,      PA
GUFFIN, LUM        (md/fife/FLYRIGHT REC) b. 1902-0422, MEMPHIS,         TN
JACKSON, BENJAMIN "BULL MOOSE"     (tsax) b. 1919-0422, CLEVELAND,       OH
MINGUS, CHARLES                       (b) b. 1922-0422, NOGALES,         AZ
MOORE, WILLIE C. "BOLL WEENIE BILL"   (g) b. 1913-0422, KINSTON,         NC
NITZSCHE, JACK                     (prod) b. 1937-0422, CHICAGO,         IL
PAHINUI, GABBY "POPS"                 (g) b. 1921-0422,                  HI
SMITH, GEORGE "HCA"                 (hca) b. 1924-0422, HELENA,          AR
TURRENTINE, TOMMY                   (tpt) b. 1928-0422, PITTSBURGH,      PA
WOODMAN, WILLIAM "BROTHER" JR.     (tsax) b. 1919-0422, LOS ANGELES,     CA

ASHBY, IRVING C.      (g/NAT KING COLE 3) d. 1987-0422, PERRIS,          CA  66
BEE, JIMMY             (v/prod/CALLA REC) d. 1993-0422, LOS ANGELES,     CA  59
COLEMAN, CHARLES D.        (gospel choir) d. 1991-0422, DETROIT,         MI  65
DENNIE, AL             (tsax/BENNY MOTEN) d. 1995-0422, TULSA,           OK  91
HINES, EARL "FATHA"                   (p) d. 1983-0422, OAKLAND,         CA  79
KEANE, HELEN                       (prod) d. 1996-0422, NEW YORK CITY,   NY  73
LANGSTON, GARY "BOO"      (g/BOTH WORLDS) d. 1996-0422, ABSECON,         NJ  45
LITTLE JOE BLUE                       (g) d. 1990-0422, RENO,            NV  55
OVERSTREET, LOUIS REV.   (g/ARHOOLIE REC) d. 1980-0422, PHOENIX,         AZ  59
PULLEN, DON                           (p) d. 1995-0422, EAST ORANGE,     NJ  53
SHALIT, EMIL      (owner : BLUE BEAT REC) d. 1983-0422, LONDON,          UK  74
SHOLES, STEVE       (arr/prod/RCA VICTOR) d. 1968-0422, NASHVILLE,       TN  57
THOMPSON, ED BIG                      (g) d. 1993-0422, CINCINNATI,      CT  58
VINSON, WALTER     (g/MISSISSIPPI SHEIKS) d. 1975-0422, CHICAGO,         IL  74

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