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St John
Fri Apr 20 16:10:43 EDT 2007

Yeh I heard a similar story about AK.....only I heard he put the gun up to the guys neck....
  My band at the time, The Homewreckers, also backed up AK at a big outdoor Starlight Theater festival in KC along about '84 and he tried to tell the musicians backstage that "white boys cain't play no blues" which point we certainly proved to him that we could.....he wasn't being racist or anything, just his old cranky inimitable self.....when were you a 39th and that is the jungle.....
  Stan Erhart wrote:
  "Chick sounds like a bluesman to me.  No need to prove it in my book.

I can't find the story, but I remember reading about Albert King 
the crap out of a sideman when he asked him when he was going to get 
The story as I remember it, was that the band was on the road and that 
had been a few weeks since Albert had paid anybody.  The drummer 
decided to
ask Albert for some cash and Albert's response was to pull a gun out of 
pocket and fire it at the floor of the club they were working at -- 
presumably ended the conversation.  This could be pure urban myth, but 
believe it's in print somewhere.  Maybe someone else is familiar with 
story.  While searching for this story, I ran across a number of other
blues/firearm stories, one by Paul Oscher when he witnessed a shooting
across the street from Muddy's house.  Yeah, the clubs get weird, but 
people go home to a reasonably sane situation at the end of the night.
Some of the blues greats, even ones who could presumably afford better,
lived in very rough neighborhoods.  My first apartment was at 39th & 
in Kansas City, Mo, and that area was sketchy at night, but evidently 
bad compared to Chicago's south side."

  ~the DEFROSTERZ blues band~

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