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Stephen McClaning smcclaning@msn.com
Fri Apr 20 07:53:56 EDT 2007

Sometimes I think TALENT has nothing to do with it. There are bands that 
have been performing for decades with TONS of talent who just never make it. 
Sad but true. The demise of LIVE music is truly sad. There has been TEN 
venues in the Burg that have closed in the last TWO years. The musicians do 
need a place to play.

Stephen M. McClaning

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>>Perhaps, but the willingness (and growing ability) of so many fans to 
>>appropriate the music w/out paying for it (the "hey, burn me one of those" 
>>deal), the cost of fuel and how it relates to touring, or not, and the 
>>poor economy's affect on blues bars around most of the country--is sure 
>>putting one hell of a strain on it. imo.
>I disagree about the economy -- unemployment is among the lowest it has 
>ever been. But aside from that, the points you made are valid, but on the 
>flipside there has never been a better time for musicians, writers, and 
>artists. Sure, it's as hard as ever to get a record deal, and drinking age 
>has dried up a lot of live music venues for local bands, but it's easier 
>than it has ever been to put out your own music -- for free or for profit. 
>You can burn CDs of your own music, print your own labels and inserts, and 
>do it for less money than has ever been possible. Could you imagine 20 
>years ago that you could purchase 100 CDs for $10.00 and literally burn 
>albums for free? You can put up a web site for next to nothing and have 
>immediate publicity. You can post songs on MySpace and have access to 
>millions of listeners. You can post videos taken on a home camera on 
>Youtube and have access to millions of viewers for free. It seems the only 
>thing holding back artists these days is talent. If you have talent, 
>success can come.
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